20 December, 2009

Photos of Alex from "Seeing Heaven"

Here are some photos i took during the production of the new gay feature film "Seeing Heaven" that i recently produced, its of Alex, who played the main character in the film.

hope you like it, and for more information you can check out our film blog,

"Seeing Heaven"

Kind regards

25 October, 2009

Photoshoot with Maximo

Hi again,

here are the latest photos i've done, this is Maximo, a good friend of ours, from Argentina. He is ofcourse amazingly stunning as you can clearly see for yourself, but i'm really over the moon with the photos.

Maximo is currently playing "Carlos" in the new low budget gay Arthouse film im producing:
Seeing Heaven
have a look at the blog and let me know what you think,


Photoshoot with Gunnar

Here are a selection of photos i recently done with Gunnar, my current flatmate and very good friend indeed, he is norvegian (i'm Swedish), and we often go on laughing about silly things forever hehe.

Hope you like the photos,

ps: Gunnar is currently playin "Nick" in the new low budget gay arthouse film im currently producing - Seeing Heaven
for the Seeing Heaven blog, please click this link.

kind regards
anton z risan

24 September, 2009

Gabriel - Paris, Le Louvre & Seine

Here are the latest photos i took of Gabriel when i visited Paris last weekend, it was a lovely warm day with sunshine, so we had to hide a bit in the shadows so not over-expose the photos too much,

hope you like how they came out anyhow,

and thanks to Gabriel, who is a brilliant model, i think we got some really good ones, let me know what you think.

kind regards